Saturday, 22 November 2008

Video: Rimi Natsukawa (and others) singing "Shimauta"

"Shimauta" is Japanese for "Island Song".  It came from the Island of Okinawa, right beside the mainland Japan. I really like the song as Rimi sings it, and it's interesting to see it being sung/played in different ways.

Thought: this consumer behaviour is seen in other products as well.  Designers often find successful products being used or customized in ways they didn't intend.

Here it is with guitar accompaniment:

The version released on Rimi's CD.  It's more pop-ish:

Sung in a cappella.  I find it really cool:

I don't know who the singer of this is.  But this is in Spanish with a Latin flare:

Lastly, here's a version in Chinese.  The name of the song translates to "Sleepless":

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